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Pattern Alteration "Boot Camp" - WW-15

Lorraine Henry

Wed. June 20, 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Level: All Levels, Hands-on
Category: Pattern Alterations/Fitting
Machine(s): not required

No more discarding newly made clothes because of poor fit! Learning the elements of fit that will enable you to become a better sewer and fitter are essential. Learn from a master "sergeant" the elements of pattern alteration including how to choose the right size, necessary amounts of ease, about the three different methods of alteration, how to combine them, and all the principles and guidelines for success. Then have hand-on experiences using half-scale practice patterns to execute alterations for some commonly needed changes in the bust, back, abdomen, buttocks and arms! All of these exercises will enable you to become a "Sew Successful Seamstress!"

Kit/handout Fee: $14 (Paid to the teacher in the classroom)
Kit includes: Ring binder, page protectors, instruction sheets, and all half scale practice patterns to be used.

Student supply list: Small paper scissors Invisible or removable "Scotch" tape Straight pins 6-inch up to a 12-inch clear ruler Black and red pencils 10 X 12 (approx.) piece of foam board or 1/4-inch-thick cardboard.

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