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Learn to "Simply Love" your Singer 221 Featherweight!Grand Ballroom 3 - Product Image
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Learn to "Simply Love" your Singer 221 Featherweight!
Grand Ballroom 3

Caryn Lee
Tue. June 7, 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

All Levels
Class Type:
Machine(s): Sewing Machine required

Have you purchased or been gifted with a 221 Featherweight? Is it sitting on a shelf because you are afraid to use it? Or do you use it but are not familiar with how to take care of it or correct common stitch issues? This class is for you! Come learn how to do simple basic maintenance on your 221. This class is taught in a casual and easy way so that you can learn to "Simply Love" your machine. You will become confident in your ability to maintain your Featherweight and not be afraid to use her. The material is offered in language that the everyday quilter/sewer can understand. Tasks covered will include how to clean the gears, lubricate and oil your machine, treat the finish, learn to correct common mistakes making your sewing experience easier, and much more. Some history and facts will also be covered. Once you take this class you will not put your precious machine in a closet anymore but will use and take care of her confidently! This class is not an advanced repair class!

Kit/handout Fee: $69.95 (Paid to the teacher in the classroom).
Kit includes:
This kit contains everything you need to service your machine for the first time and products to continue to use to maintain your machine. Kit parts are for the black 221.

Please contact us if you wish to purchase a kit for the 222 or white Featherweight at 480-540-6514 info@simplyfeatherweights.com

Each kit contains the following with a value of over $96!

Case Pad -for bottom of your case to absorb any oil or grease. Felt Drip Pad
Superbelt by the Featherweight Shop
Sewing Machine Oil in an Extended Spout Bottle
SewRetro Lubricant- For the gears and motor
Bobbin Tension Meter- This measures and correct tension in your bobbin case
Four Bed Feet
Four Foot Pedal Feet
Double Ended Brush for Cleaning
Red Felt Circle- For your spool pin or under the screw on the bottom cover plate
Bumper Dot- place on face plate screw to protect extension bed when folded up
LED Bright White Bulb- 80 LEDs that are much brighter and will not burn you as the old incandescent bulbs would.
Bulb Removal Tool- A silicone tube that fits over the bulb to be replaced and helps you turn it to remove
And much more!

Student supply list: Featherweight 221 sewing machine in working order. You must have basic knowledge of how to set the machine up to sew.
Foot controller / electrical cord combo
Bobbin case with empty bobbin
Machine needle, thread, small piece of fabric
Screwdrivers that came with the machine or any that you use
An old soft bath towel
Portable flashlight
Tweezers or small hemostat (optional)
A portable table light, such as an Ott and extension cord and surge protector
Magnetic tray (optional)
Paper and pen for notes
Apron to protect clothing
A snack and drink
Each student will need to purchase a large cleaning and service kit.

SEWING MACHINES ARE NOT PROVIDED. Bring your Featherweight sewing machine in good working order, pedal and cord.

Package and Sewing machine storage: For your convenience, we have available, free of charge temporary and overnight storage at the registration desk located at the Atlantis Hotel Resort Grand Ballroom, in front of classroom #4, on the 2nd Floor.

SKU #: 102T
Tue. June 7, 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
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Please e-mail opalfrw@gmail.com the class number, your name, address and phone number to be placed on the waiting list.

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