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Basic Featherweight Maintenance Room N4

Basic Featherweight Maintenance
Room N4

Caryn Lee
Tue. June 11, 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Class Type:
Domestic Machine Sewing / Maintenance
Machine(s): Sewing Machine required

Have you purchased or been gifted with a 221 Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine? This class is for you! Come learn how to do simple basic maintenance on your 221. This class is taught in a casual and easy way so that you can learn to "Simply Love" your machine. You will become confident in your ability to maintain your Featherweight and not be afraid to use it. The material is offered in a language that the everyday quilter/sewer can understand. When you leave, your machine will be on the way to being well-maintained with balanced tensions so you will be ready to sew when you leave! Many of the techniques you learn can easily be adapted to help you with other vintage machines.

Kit/handout Fee: $75.00 (Paid to the teacher in the classroom).
Kit includes:

  • Case Pad 
  • Felt Drip Pad 
  • New Belt 
  • Sewing Machine Oil
  • SewRetro Lubricant 
  • Bobbin Tension Meter 
  • Four Bed Feet 
  • Four Foot Pedal Feet 
  • Double Ended Brush for Cleaning 
  • Red Felt Circle 
  • Bumper Dot 
  • LED Bright White Bulbwould 
  • Bulb Removal Tool 
  • Simply Featherweights Screwdriver 
  • Simply Featherweights Service Journal

Student supply list: Click to view/print (PDF)

SKU #: T103
Tue. June 11, 8:00 AM 3:00 PM

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