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Special Displays 2019 - Quilt Show Reno

Quilts by Judi Madsen

Judi's quilting journey started in 2002 when she made her first baby quilt using a simple strip piece method, she loved piecing so much that she made of 15 variations of the same pattern. After that, she became hooked to the quilting process.

In 2004, Judi's mom, Gayla and her decided to start a longarm business and bought an A1 Elite Longarm. There were no dealers in their area at the time, so they had to set up the machine and learn how to use it without any help. This provided Judi the opportunity to learn "free-motion" quilting because she had no idea how to quilt a pantograph.

In 2008, after a few years of peddling Judi's patterns to quilt shops and learning how to quilt - Judi and her husband Clint decided to take her hobby and make it their full-time business. The result of that is

Judi always wanted to be considered a quilt pattern designer, but her talent in longarm quilting grew into her own very unique design style. She has published two books with AQS publishing, Quilting Wide Open Spaces, 2013 and Secondary Quilting Designs with Judi Madsen, 2016 which include her own quilt designs coupled with her quilting designs. These books provide the best of both worlds - piecing and quilting. Her design style and love of quilting have provided the opportunity to teach students from as far away as Australia, Canada, Norway and in the USA. She was named Teacher of the Year in 2016 at MQX, New Hampshire. A wonderful honor, since the students pick the winner. In 2017 Judi created her own online presence at

Judi has continued to refine her quilting style and loves sharing quilting with others. 

"Star X-ing" Picture, courtesy of American Quilter’s Society

Beautiful Nevada and Northern California

Using a variety of techniques, for old to new, members of SAQA of northern California and Nevada express their view of the world around them. Inspired by nature, by themes, by people, by poems and songs, they use fabric and thread as their medium. Never constrained by the limits of fabric and thread, rather pushing them to say something unique.

This exhibit will consist of approximately 30 pieces of various sizes, mostly medium to large. All pieces will be for show only and are original pieces of art.

SAQA is an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the art quilt and the artists who create them. We are an information resource on all things art quilt related for our members as well as the public. Founded in 1989 by an initial group of 50 artists, SAQA members now number more than 3400 artists, teachers, collectors, gallery owners, museum curators and corporate sponsors.

By SAQA Northern California and Nevada

"Tahoe Sunset" by Katie Quinn


Yellow Line


The goal of the challenge was to line up the finished pieces so that the entry and exit points of the yellow textile create a pattern/line between all of the pieces as they hang on a wall in the exhibit.

Think of this as a yellow fabric ribbon running between the art pieces as a uniting factor. At the right and left edges is a strip of yellow fabric/textile measuring 1-1/2-inch-wide that enters and exits the art piece. Between the borders, the yellow fabric/ textile deviate from the 1-1/2 inches width. The entry and exit points of the yellow line textile may be located anywhere on the piece.

There is no theme other than yellow textile running between the pieces.

Presented by Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists

PRINCE - Cherrywood Challenge 2018

Prince Rogers Nelson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1958. A son of a pianist and a jazz singer, he wrote his first song when he was just seven years old. Prince was a musical innovator who was known for his eclectic work, flamboyant stage presence, extravagant dress and makeup, and wide vocal range.

He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. He has sold over 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

His iconic film “Purple Rain” was filmed in Minneapolis, home of the legendary First Avenue nightclub. Even though Prince could have lived anywhere in the world, he still called Minnesota home up until his untimely passing in 2016.

Paisley Park, Prince’s studio, home and now museum, is just 200 miles from the Cherrywood Studio, making this an obvious choice for our fourth contest.

To honor Prince's philanthropic history, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, The Crossing Arts Alliance, and other charities.

Inspired by the National Parks: Celebrating 100 Years

National Parks Flora Quilts, National Parks Fauna Quilts

This special exhibit displays a collection of quilts that were created to celebrate the 2016 Centennial Anniversary of the National Park Service. Their quilts are shown for each of the 59 U.S. National Parks. The quilts feature the landscapes, flora and fauna, from Acadia in Maine to American Samoa, and many points in-between.

Enjoy the wide range of depictions and interpretations from a broad variety of fiber artists. Some of these artists are members of Quilters Unlimited; other artists reside in other states and countries. Some are internationally-known, others are novice quilters. All of the artists who participated in the project enthusiastically share a passion for America’s Best Idea: the National Parks.

CREDITS: The sample images show the art quilts created to honor Rocky Mountain National Park: Barbara Hollinger’s landscape, Nancy Evans’s aspen, and Catherine Kane’s mountain lion are featured. The quilts in this collection offer a wide range of styles, techniques, interpretations, artistry and materials.

Heat vs Ice/Cold/Frozen


Are you getting hotter?
Feel the sweat on your brow?
Getting thirsty?
Need some ice?
It’s not a hot flash…
It’s Quilts on the Wall’s Challenge: HEAT
Images, warm color pallet bring the artists’ HOT HOT HOT inspirations to life.


Think hot chocolate in front of a fire warming your chilly nose.
Frost on the window pane.
The sparkle of snowflakes and shimmering ice crystals on a waterfall.
Snow on the mountaintop and chickadees wintering in the trees.
You’re getting colder, colder, colder

A study in contrast - Juried by Kathleen McCabe

By Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists - 22 Quilts in all (13 Heat and 9 Cold)

Quilt titles: The Promise In A DesertSunrise by Sharon Jaeger / Blue Ice by Vickie Bohnhoff


OURstory: Human Rights Stories in Fabric

In 1948, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which delineated the rights to which all humans in all countries should be entitled.

This collection of 42 art quilts was created by artists from six different countries and celebrates the heroes who fought for rights long denied to various groups of people and the events that drew the attention of news media and the public.

Curated by Susanne Miller Jones


2nd Annual Fabric-Chicks Trash to Treasures Challenge

This spectacular Viewer’s Choice Awards Challenge will be on display during the 2019 Quilt Show Reno. We invite all patrons to take the time to vote for their favorite entrant. Winners will be announced Saturday, June 22th at 2:00 pm and the prizes awarded.

Entrants began with a “Trash Scrap Bag” from Fabric-Chicks, Minden, NV. They were asked to take a photo of their “Trash Scrap Bag” contents before beginning their challenge. The photo would be submitted along with their final project.

Click for details and application info

Fabric-Chicks Quilts for Wounded Warriors and Veterans

A display of quilts made for the Wounded Warriors & Veterans sponsored by Fabric-Chicks and host the Patchwork from Nevada Quilters- which is an amazing group of women who have volunteered for over 10 years. Over 100 quilts were donated in 2017!!

The mission of the Quilts for Soldiers is to cover ALL war wounded and injured service members and veterans touched by War with comforting and healing Quilts. Whether injuries are physical or psychological Quilts for Soldiers offers comfort and support.

* If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact Fabric-Chicks at  and we will provide you with a kit, or you can create and donate your quilt.

Many more to come.....