Sew & Quilt Expo Reno

2018 Special Displays - Quilt Show Reno

Art Quilt Interpretations

Using a variety of techniques, from old to new, members of SAQA of northern California and Nevada express their view of the world around them. Inspired by nature, by themes, by people, by poems and songs, they use fabric and thread as their medium. Never constrained by the limits of fabric and thread, rather pushing them to say something unique.

 This exhibit will consist of approximately 30 pieces of various sizes, mostly medium to large. All pieces will be for show only and are original pieces of art.

SAQA is an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the art quilt and the artists who create them. We are an information resource on all things art quilt related for our members as well as the public. Founded in 1989 by an initial group of 50 artists, SAQA members now number more than 3,400 artists, teachers, collectors, gallery owners museum curators and corporate sponsors.

by Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)

Hoffman 2017 Challenge - Mastery


The 2017 Hoffman Challenge recognizes the talents of quiltmakers and sewists. Style #P4299 of Mastery is the official fabric. Artists were welcome to use either the colorful 562-Blooms version or the sister grayscale version that is 55-Charcoal. They could also combine the two if they liked!

The selected Challenge Fabric must be used in the body of the quilt top in a recognizable amount, and for appliqué quilts, the Challenge Fabric must be used in more than one spot. At least 50% of the entry needs to show Hoffman Fabrics, and they can be of the artist choice — whether from the 2017 Challenge collection or from the artist stash collected over the years.

Finalists become part of the Hoffman Challenge exhibit that travels around the country from August 2017 to September 2018.

We are thrilled to showcase 40 of the different artist's quilts during 2018 Quilt Show Reno.

Categories in this collection include Pieced Quilts, Appliquéd Quilts, Modern Quilts, Home Décor: Living room, and Mixed Technique (Pieced and Appliquéd)

Presented by Hoffman Fabrics

The Journey – Kentucky to California 1864

This exhibit of antique quilts enhances passages from the journal of my great-great-grandmother, which she wrote during her journey from Kentucky to California in 1864. The Civil War was drawing to an end. Her husband and his brother had established themselves in California beginning in 1852. As a young bride and mother, she embarked on the adventure of a lifetime.

Lucretia Imogene Lawson, born in Hardin County, Kentucky married Brutis Clay Epperson in 1861. She was 17 ½. In the spring of 1864, when in the company of her husband and baby son Charles, they started across the plains to California.

Read her story and see it illustrated with antique quilts. The quilts in this collection date from 1820 to 1870.

Presented by Arlene L. Arnold, Heritage Oaks Quilts

Fabric-Chicks Quilts for Wounded Warriors and Veterans

Fabric-Chicks sponsors and host the Northern Nevada Quilters- which is an amazing group of women who have volunteered for almost 10 years - making quilts for our Wounded Warriors and Veterans-

Please join us every 1st Wednesday to help organize and create quilts that are given to various groups--most recently donated to the Wounded Warriors Fishing Derby, Combat Veterans Motorcycle Club, and the Wounded Warriors Bicycle Race. Over 130 quilts donated in 2017!! Thank you to all of you who donate supplies and/or your time!! We also have block kits you can check out during the month to work on.

1st Wednesday of the month meetings are held at:
Fabric-Chicks, 1166 Annie Ct. #C, Minden, NV 89423
775-267-0204 -

Reboot Those Blocks!

Slice ‘Em, Dice ‘Em, Twist’ Em, Turn’ Em

All quilters have bits and pieces of blocks or scraps that never graduated into quilts. These “undergrads” may be lurking around from block exchanges, class samples, rejected block construction, and they may even include some homeless embroidered pieces.

Our challenge: To gather these abandoned fragments from our stashes, from our friends, and even from the internet, and to turn them into unique, charming quilts.

We sliced ‘em, diced ‘em, twisted ‘em, or turned these “undergrad” blocks. With lots of imagination, sashing, coping strips, or even new blocks, these orphaned “undergrads” have at last “graduated” to full quilt status.

Presented by The Five Easy Pieces

Quilt by Jean VanBockel

Drips and Splatters

 The common definition of drips is small drops of liquid that fall such as dribbles, trickles, drizzles, splashes. One less common definition is displaying a copious amount of a particular quality or thing, i.e. the women were dripping with gold and diamonds. A more informal definition would be a drip - a weak or ineffectual person such as a bore, a wimp or a sissy.

The common definition of splatters is to hit and cover a surface with drops of liquid, typically thick or viscous drops. Or, to cause a liquid to fall in large drops. Examples would be: the bike was splattered with mud or the paint splattered when she dropped the bucket. Or, the bug splattered on the windshield. Another definition is to hit something and break it apart.
Another is to distribute loosely- to disperse, dot, dust or sprinkle. A less common definition is to prominently or sensationally publish a story in a newspaper, i.e. the story was splattered all over pages 1 and 2.

What makes this exhibit so exciting is that the theme, Drips and Splatters, can be expressed as the subject of the quilt or as a process or technique used to create the work of art.

Examples of Drips and Splatters as subject matter are many as they occur everywhere in life. They can be a result of carelessness, as of the coffee sloshing over the side of a cup, sloppy painting, cooking, washing or spilling. They often occur if one is in a hurry or not paying attention. They occur in nature: a little boy jumping through puddles, splashing as he goes, or rain drops falling, or blood splatter.

Examples of Drips and Splatters as process or technique are many also. Some examples are to
drip or splatter paint, dye, various kinds of fibers, beads, small pieces of fabric, etc. on the background to create the effect. The possibilities are limitless.

Quilts on the Wall 2017 Juried Challenge

By Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists


Many more to come.....