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Sea Creatures - By Quilts on the Wall

Sea Creatures....not limited to "under the sea"!

Webster’s dictionary defines a creature: A living being, especially an animal. A human. An imaginary or fantastical being.

The quilts in this display are considered artwork that depicts an underwater experience.

Quilts on the Wall are a group of textile artists dedicated to learning about and sharing art quilts. Their projects are displayed on the wall rather than on the bed. The group votes on at least two Challenges a year allowing members to create their vision of the theme. Both juried and non-juried exhibits travel to local and national venues such in quilt and textile art shows, and are displayed in art galleries.

Quilts featured:

Top: Going with the Flow by Cheryl Guacci
Bottom: Ashnah by Charlene Touch

A Tribute to elinor peace bailey......1944-2023

In the early 1990's elinor developed a way for virtually anyone to break through to their innermost creative self. Using a basic doll pattern, the maker can play with its size, shape, hair, attire, etc... She then sent the pattern to a handful of Industry stars to challenge them with what they could do with their imaginations. The results were fabulous.

Today we challenge YOU, to tap into your innermost creativity - whether you are a quilter, dollmaker, crafter, beader; the list is endless.... ANYONE, can take this simple pattern and create a flat doll, a dimensional doll -- add it to a tote bag or appliqué the figure onto an article of clothing.....the options truly are limitless. elinor published a book, "Mother Plays With Dolls", The photos from this challenge and elinor's insightful words are in this treasured book (which is out of print --but still available on the web.

If you would like to participate in the tribute to elinor, send the entry form and the cost of the pattern to enter the challenge is $10.00 including postage (and return postage if we need to ship)-- we will need to receive your completed project by May 14, 2024 or delivered to Fabric-Chicks on Tuesday, June 11, 2 pm-5 pm at the Grand Sierra Silver State Pavilion Room located on the lower level of the hotel across from the Spa. All completed projects will be displayed during Quilt Show Reno 2024.

"elinor was an inspiration to artists everywhere to help them embrace their creative side",

"A trailblazer in the world of fiber and doll art. she will always be remembered as one of the most influential figures in the world of fiber art", Barb Kobe who has taken over elinor's- Association of People Who Play with Dolls Newsletter -- continues elinor’s legacy and digitize elinor's Newsletter for future generations to learn from elinor.

Tribute to elinor Entry Form

Name That Tune - By the Gulf States Quilting Association (GSQA)

Thirty-seven members of the Gulf States Quilting Association (GSQA) made forty-two 8” diameter round quilts for this exhibit; each quilt representing the title of a song chosen by the quilter. This exhibit uses six canvas panels (each is ten-foot wide by 4 foot-6 inches high) with a painted musical staff and the notes to the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” attached to the canvas. Each 8-inch diameter quilt is attached to a musical note in the song.

Each 8-inch diameter quilt is attached to a musical note in the song. New lyrics to the song with a reference to quilting are written below the musical staff. Below each note of the song is a number, and this exhibit becomes interactive when participants attempt to match the number of a song to the correct title of each song, all of which are listed on a “Playsheet”.

There will be an easel with information about the quilt makers and an “Answer Sheet” which provides the list of the numbers and the actual name of each quilt for the participants to compare their guesses.

Snap a photo of the Play Sheet to play along as you walk through the exhibit.

Monarch - Cherrywood Fabrics 2023 Challenge

Chrysalis Collection:

The Monarch Cherrywood Challenge is a juried art quilt contest sponsored by Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics® with support from Mistyfuse®. The challenge was to create an original 20-inch square quilted artwork using eight colors of fabric, no other colors of fabric may be added. The only way to add more colors is with thread, paint, pencil, ink, beads, etc. The theme of the challenge is the iconic Monarch butterfly, which is in the endangered category of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species.

The iconic Monarch butterfly is in trouble. In the summer of 2022, it was put on the Endangered List. Let's change that. Not only can you plant the seeds of milkweed, but you can also plant the seeds of creativity. Can you do it with just eight colors? We encouraged you to push yourself creatively and think outside the box.


Quilts for Soldiers

The mission of the Quilts for Soldiers is to cover ALL war-wounded and injured service members and veterans touched by War with comforting and healing Quilts. Whether injuries are physical or psychological, Quilts for Soldiers offers comfort and support. Or as a six-year-old put it: "When the 'sholders' are 'warring' and they come home and are hurt, the quilt makes them feel all comfy."

This is not about politics. It's about people.

In 2015, The Fabric Chicks Quilts for Soldiers ladies donated 125+ quilts. In 2016 we donated over 130. Once a month our volunteers meet to work on putting together kits to then take home and finish. If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact our store. We will provide you with a kit, or you can create and donate your quilt.

Recently we were honored to receive an award as a thank you for all our effort.

• If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact Fabric-Chicks at and we will provide you with a kit, or you can create and donate your quilts.

• Thank you to all of you who donated supplies and/or your time!!

1st Wednesday of the month, meetings are held at Fabric-Chicks, 1511 US Highway 395 N, Gardnerville NV 89410, 775.267.0204 -

Presented by Fabric-Chicks


More to come.....